Do you need a shapewear for a special event, office work, gym or daily wear? There are endless possibilities when you think of smoothing out your figure and creating a good foundation for your closet. If you are wondering what are things to consider when buying a cheap shapewear, then check out the list below:


Shapewears are available in different materials. Some of them are latex, synthetic blend, cotton and steel or plastic boning.

Latex is a powerful synthetic material used mostly in high compression shapewears such as waist trainers. It offers best slimming results.

Synthetic blends such as spandex, polyamide and nylon are substitute to latex and offer different compression levels. Nylon makes the garment more breathable.

Cotton compression garments are more comfortable and soft. It increases the breathability of the garment.

Steel boning is used in waist slimming shapewears such as corsets. Boning is firm yet stretchy and helps in maintaining the shape and compression of the shapewear.

Compression level

High compression garments offer powerful shaping and sculpting to your body and give a dramatic result. They are recommended for bodysuits and wholesale waist trainers.

But if you don’t need high compression, then medium and light compression garments such as shaping leggings, camisoles and shaping briefs offer smoothing effects and are comfortable for a full day’s wear.

Target areas

Another factor to keep in mind when buying shapewear is which areas you want to target on your body? Do you want to slim your belly or do you want to shape your thighs and butts? Do you need a tight cinch at your waist? Some of the shaping target areas are:

Waist slimming: The waistline is the most troubled spot on a woman’s body. They flatten the tummy and create an hourglass figure.

Thigh shapers: It sculpts your lower half.

Butt lifting: if you have a curvy figure, then butt lifter will shape, lift and enhance your assets.

All over shaping: if you need complete control of your body and want to highlight your curves and get an hourglass figure, then full body shapers, wholesale waist trainers are the best to go for. You can even check out for waist and thigh trainer for great results.

Tummy control: Use tummy control shapewear to target your abdomen. It covers your torso, top and bottom. This type of shapewear is known to flatten your stomach and shape it so you can dress with confidence.


Irrespective of what shapewear you choose, the right fit is important to get the best results. Some people choose a smaller size to look slimmer, however, it is not right. It is important to precisely measure your body and then choose a garment according to the sizing chart of the website. Do not forget to check out waist trainer vest as well.

It is also important to consider the cut of the shapewear. For instance, if you want shaping panties then getting the bust size isn’t important. If you are going to buy a waist trainer, then waist measure is of most importance.

When buying online, make sure you choose a reputed and reliable store. A good store will provide you with high quality products at the best price.


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