Now, under cabinet radio is in existence for a while and they can typically have mounted under the bottom of cupboards or cabinets in the kitchen. By using this you can save space on the countertop for kitchen appliances such as food preparation and others. The main purpose of this under cabinet radio is to provide sound entertainment without taking too much space in your kitchen.

You can see that there are many good under cabinet radios available on the market that almost suits all your demands. You can also get help from the reviews of many people about different under cabinet radios that they use. Although they are less known these under cabinet radios are highly practical.

Installation process and the caution of Under Cabinet Radio

The installation process is an important factor that everyone should take into consideration and there will be no technical difficulties while installing it. If the flexible mounting options are available then you can mount and dismount the under cabinet radio conveniently and freely.

Mark the position of 4 holes with the help of the supplied template and you can also use a drill for making the holes. You can also adjust the shelf or unit height. First, see the L spot of the dot which is the least position and also you can alter the stature in only 4 steps by changing the spacer in clockwise direction and now you can install the unit with the mounting screws that are supplied.

Since the unit is too heavy, be careful while installing the unit, and to reduce the fire risk, you should not place any cooking or heating appliance beneath the unit. You have to install the unit that the AC power cord was connected directly to the outlet of the wall and do not use an extension cord or converter. You have to be sure that the AC power cord has no slack while using the unit and Install the unit far from a source of the noise.

Important safeguards for the installation process of Under Cabinet Radio

Do not install the unit near water that is near a kitchen sink, washbowl, bathtub, swimming pool, or wet basement. Do not install the unit near the sources of heat like stoves, heat registers, radiators, or other appliances.

Openings and slots in the cabinet that are situated in the bottom or back will provide the necessary ventilation for the unit. To ensure safe and reliable operation of the unit and to protect the unit from overheating, these openings and slots should not be covered or blocked.

DO not install the unit on an unstable stand, shelf or table and you have used only a stand or cart that is recommended by the production unit company. The cart and appliance combination should be moved or handled with high care as uneven surfaces, excessive force or quick stops will make the cart and appliance combination to overturn. Connect the unit to a power supply that is marked on the appliance or that is mentioned in the operating instructions. 

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