Is decluttering an easy method? You bet. Ask housewives and they will say that the most difficult task is to throw away items. After all, they bought the expensive items, used it for some time, and now throwing away? Yes, it tugs at their heart. It is easy to say – Cleanliness is next to Godliness. But the decluttering task, it is a hard one. In this article, we will focus on six items that you can regret throwing away due to lack of concentration.

Here lies the challenge.

Before half a decade, you had gone to Thailand and bought a beautiful lamp. Now, with children in your house, the lamp has gone damaged. The lights do not flicker, and you have put it in the trunk. When the decluttering tasks are underway and you look at the lamp, a second thought comes to the mind. Should you take a second try? Or go to another electrician to make the lamp work? All the unwanted thoughts. Ultimately, you decide not to throw the lamp away. And then you comfort yourself saying the lamp can get used by the grandchildren as an antique piece. Relief! And after all, it occupies only a small space. So, what is the harm? Now, it is tucked deep inside the trunk.

Seven Items That You Can Regret Throwing Away

Usually, you do not think twice about throwing away the used kitchen utensils or torn shoes. But sometimes, in an unfortunate situation, an old antique kitchen piece can also get mixed and go to the dustbin. You will give a million dollars to get it back, but it is just that. It is gone, forever. You are filled with remorse for your actions.

1. Personal Paperwork

You are a reporter for an international newspaper. You have interviewed many personalities. All the notes, and dates, you keep in a diary. When shifting to another house, the old diary escaped your eye and moved out to the dustbin. Now, you want to pen your memoirs and realize that the vital document is lost.

In a similar fashion, there are many old documents and papers which do not give joy. Your father may have won a tournament in his younger days of playing cricket. He may have kept the old newspaper as a souvenir. Now, you have thrown away the old paper. And with it, goes the memory of your old father as a young cricketer.

Do you plan to move out? Then start throwing away things before a month. This way, you can get time to check the newspapers and documents. You can pause and then take the final decision.

2. Photos/Images

Not every photo taken is a gem. And not everyone can take a perfect photograph. The same goes even for professional photographers. You can find many photographs (old) which may have a red eye. So, the first thought you see on seeing an old photograph with a red tint in the eye is to throw them away. But hold on!

Usually, some photographs which had the red tint in the eyes may feature family members. If you throw them away, you miss them forever. So, throw away the photographs which have duplicates. The remaining photographs will occupy a small space in the closet.

3. Clothes

Imagine the time, when you opened the trunk in front of your grandmother? She had a twinkle in the eye. She must have seen the saree she wore during her wedding. In the trunk or box, you may find old but good sarees, kurtas associated with events. So, if you have a large family, check these clothes and find out the owner. Ask their permission before throwing these clothes away. Or else, it may lead to unwanted arguments.

4. The Clothes That Have To Be Thrown Away

You can throw the clothes, that is no longer a fit, has got damaged with time. Or the cloth assumes less significance to any member of your family. Take care not to throw away the clothes, that have participated in a rare event or a remembrance of an old fashion trend.

5. Personal Items

Every individual will have a deep attachment to at least two or three items in the home. A grandfather may like the chair or stick. He may even pause to touch the mango tree he had planted as a kid. Now, the same goes even for items. A dear old relative may have gifted a small but rare gift to your showcase. And it was a great honor for your ego at that specific time. Now, with years rolling by, the same item has gone old. In a house move, your spouse had discarded the same gift. In a family reunion, when someone reminds you of the gift, the emotions you cannot describe. So, be careful with items of sentimental value.

This factor is the major problem in throwing away items. There are some, who do not throw away even unwanted items. This ends up in a major reduction of space in the house. So, take decisions and throw items not required at any stage of life.

6. Do Not Throw Educational Related Documents

You may have won a drawing competition in your 8th standard. It is just a piece of paper. But after twenty years, it may strike gold in a conversation with your daughter. Also, the same goes for your old notes. In recent times, students have to study in the college as well attend some institutes for another course. Do you have notes regarding the specific course? Then please do not throw them away. It can help you get inputs when caught in a confusing situation about the basics.

7. Jewelry

One of the most expensive items in any home in any part of the world. There are some ornaments which have a deep sentimental value. They are created as per the tradition in your family. If you are keeping the fake and original ornaments in the same place, be careful. Sometimes, one of your family members may get confused and lose the original expensive jewelry. Then you lost peace of mind and happiness forever.


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