Clearabee, a licensed rubbish removal company in the UK, is credited with taking a proactive stance in reducing waste in London. The company is dedicated to using eco-friendly waste management practices through its 90% recycling and reuse policy. It is the highest rubbish removal rate in the city, making it the most reliable company in waste management. Clearabee achieves this high standard through its capable skip hire service, which provides beebags for collecting and disposing of waste. Homeowners need to schedule an appointment with the company’s bin men for a fast and convenient rubbish removal exercise. The text highlights other benefits of using beebags for waste removal.

Suitable Placement

Unlike other waste removal containers that require specific placement areas, you can place beebags anywhere in your house. It gives you the freedom to put the bag where it is most convenient for you and comfortable for the bin men to access during collection. It is easy to remove the bags by hand if you are planning to place it indoors. What’s more, you don’t need to take out the bag for pickup; the company uses small vehicles during waste collection, which enables the bin men to access the narrow lanes towards your house. In fact, the skip hire service professionals can collect bags located 10 m away from the kerbsidevidmat app.

Same Day Collection

The company boasts a competent man and van service that provides same-day waste collection. This is because we don’t use large HGV’s for waste removal, making it pretty flexible when collecting the bags. It also means we cause minimal disruption to your neighbourhood and are not restricted by obstacles like cars, powerlines or walls. Be sure to place the rubbish a little further from the road if you have not made prior arrangements. In case of an overfill, our skip hire service professionals will remove the garbage at an additional cost.

A Variety of Beebags

Beebags come in different sizes to accommodate the varying kinds of waste in households. There is a small bag for collecting dense and heavy construction waste like bricks and rubble. This bag has the same size as two washing machines or an armchair and is perfect for small DIY projects. The medium bag can carry dense waste like tiles and soil in outdoor bags. It has the same size as 3-4 washing machines while the large bag has the same size as 10 washing machines. It is ideal for collecting bulky waste, e.g., a standard three-piece suite. However, if the medium bag is filled with lots of garbage, a surcharge may apply.

Enables Bin Men to Sort out the Waste

The company has an extensive database of information on the types of rubbish removal items collected from households and the nearest waste transfer station that can recycle the material. Collecting the waste in the beebags enables the bin men to sort it out quickly for recycling. For example, you can place all the books in one bag and clothes in another to reduce the chance of diverting smaller items to landfills.

Orders Valid for a Year

Orders made for Bee bags last for one year. As such, there is no rush to collect the container immediately after making the order from the skip hire company. Once the company receives the request, the bin men arrange for delivery through a courier service, which sends a notification in the form of an email or SMS. Customers are allowed to adjust the delivery time to a later date, change the address or make additional instructions before the next day. In case you want to change the address, you need to provide your name, order number and postco.


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