When you plan to design your kitchen you may look into various different aspects that probably need your attention. But, there are a few minute installations that require significant attention during the designing process. All you have to do is find kitchen shops in your area so that you choose the best option available in the market.

One such essential installation is that of a dishwasher. Although to most individuals a dishwasher may seem to be a less important choice but if you wish to minimise your day-to-day chores, you have to search for the best.

Discussed below are some important features that you must look for your dishwasher.

Unit Capacity

While purchasing a dishwasher you might look into the price and space that it will probably occupy in your kitchen. However, yet another aspect that you should be looking for is its capacity to hold utensils the place setting and the number of utensils it can hold.

An ideal place setting is inclusive of enough space for a small plate, large plate, tea plate, small bowl, mug, fork, glass, spoons and a butter knife. The unit capacity of your dishwasher also depends on the total number of individuals residing at your place. You also have to take into account the occasional foot traffic at your residence.

For example, if you have a very big family along with frequent visits from extended family and friends then you need a dishwasher with a minimum of 11 place settings.

However, the unit capacity of your dishwasher also depends on how many times you prepare meals at home in a particular week.

Size of Dishwasher

The size of the dishwasher is based on its unit capacity and how frequently it’s being used. Besides, kitchen space also plays a significant role in deciding the size of the dishwasher.

On the other hand, if you have sufficient kitchen space then the size of your dishwasher is not really much of a problem.

Combination of cycles

You might have noticed that modern dishwashers come with a series of cycles of wash and dry. The best models offer you approximately 9 different wash cycles to choose from.  However, if you are not tech savvy or are looking for simple and quick washing options then avoid machines with such fancy features.

For example, if you have a habit of rinsing your dishes before placing them in your dishwasher then a basic wash cycle is the only feature you should be focusing on.

On the other hand, if you are always in a rush and place your greasy, dirty pots and dishes in your dishwasher then search for one that offers you different kinds of wash cycles. Every cycle is utilised for a specific purpose so make sure that you use them correctly.


You definitely do not want to re-purchase a dishwasher within a year or two. You would ideally intend to purchase it for a long duration and not make additional expenditures on its maintenance.

Most individuals prefer a model which has a stainless steel tub and arms at the bottom since they have better durability as compared to other raw materials. Additionally, stainless steel has bigger holes which help them create better water pressure and enhance the cleaning process.

Rack availability

One of the distinguishing features in dishwashers is that different models have different number and positions for the racks. Look into different types of racks and the types of dishes, pots, cups and bowls you are likely to put in the washer.

The main goal here is to search for a washer that can load most of your dishes, bowls and pots so that your task becomes convenient.

Apart from the number of racks, you also have to determine whether the racks are adjustable as per your requirements. Adjustable racks make your task simpler but you need sufficient space in the dishwasher which means the size of your washer is likely to be huge.

Probably, search for a dishwasher whose racks are made of silverware as they are easy to clean and maintain. You can also get 2-tier and 3-tier models based on your usage and accordingly choose a model.

Energy consumption and noise

Almost every dishwasher model is likely to consume a significant amount of energy and water during a particular cycle. This is why you must check all these technical information before you purchase a particular model.

Often, it has been observed that households tend to choose a cheaper model to save money but end up paying heavy energy bills and have to deal heavy noises released by the washer.

A dishwasher releasing rumbling noises can be annoying for you and your guests so make sure that you look into all these features before you make a purchase.


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