There are different things that make up a house. This includes furniture, kitchen, curtains, flooring, lighting, fixture and many other things. Window is one of the essential components which have multiple benefits.

We all that windows are necessary in order to get more sunlight and make the house look more spacious. It does not only have aesthetic benefits but functional utility as well. Professionals like can be consulted for a better understanding of how and why windows are important. Nevertheless, here are some interesting facts you must know about windows:

  1. Windows date back to Romans

Many homeowners are often curious regarding the origins of windows. Windows can be dated back thousands of years ago. When it comes to glass windows, the books of history suggest that Romans were the first people to use them. They just used to make a hole in the wall and cover it with a glass. This then developed into more advanced and refined shapes of windows.

  • Usage of greased paper windows

This is something that most of the homeowners are not aware about. Windows with greased paper were very commonly used in many areas of the globe. This includes Korea, Japan and China. It was predominantly used in Asian countries. The grease was used to fill the gaps which were between the fibers. This enabled the light to diffuse. Based on such model, the Americans then came with more advanced versions which were more beneficial and affordable for the homeowners to install.

  • Each window style is different

One of the reasons why homeowners do not spend enough time on searching for different windows is due to the misconception that each window style serves the same purpose. This is not true. Each window style has its own individuality in terms of aesthetics and functionality. For instance, the slider windows are designed such that it can be rolled across a rolling track, which then allows more air to enter. Garden windows are conversely based on a different mechanism. Therefore, each style is different.

  • Premium windows are not always expensive

Another misconception that you will often come across within the market is that all the premium windows are pretty much expensive. This may be generally true but is not the case always. There are many premium models which now come at a cheaper price. Quality windows are now being offered at affordable rates. All you have to do is conduct some research regarding the different options available in the market.

  • Double glazing windows

Double glazing is an idea which came into existence in the 1930s. However, it was fully put into practice during the 1940s. It is an idea which means trapping of the air between two glass sheets. This acts as better insulation. Initially, it was introduced as a highly expensive type of window; but with the passage of time, double glazed windows were made much more affordable and effective for homeowners.


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