Renovation projects can be fun or taxing, depending on how you look at them. If you’re doing your renovation yourself, read on.

Make important decisions- since you’re doing the renovation yourself, decide whether you’re going to do the entire house or a room at a time. This is vital depending on the time you have to devote to the project. If this is your weekend plan, then a room at a time works. If you’ve taken time away from your work, then time is of the essence here and you should consider working on as many rooms at a time as possible. Make your decision and then move on to the next step.

Budget- Depending on how much time and how many rooms you’re taking up in your renovation project,decide how much you want to spend. Some spaces will need a larger budget. For instance, the kitchen tends to take up a large chunk of the spend. The laundry room may require less. The exterior of the house will involve replacement and paint. It’s important to be realistic about this step. You have to give allowances to unexpected expenses. But don’t go overboard on the budget. You may have to abandon the project midway before you can take it up again.

Make a checklist- make the pencil and notebook your friend. Be objective about your dwelling space. You may love a fixture from a few decades ago, but if it has to go, then it has to go.

Start with the exterior of your house. Does the lawn need some attention? Are the pots and plants in the best shape? Are the window shutters sagging a little? Missing a few tiles from the roof? Are the rain gutters and downspouts clean and free of debris? Is the paint peeling off? Does the front door look inviting or tired?

Inside, look at each space. Sometimes lighting can make all the difference to a space. Yellow lights are warm and inviting, white is functional and bright. Does the furniture require help? An upholstery job is a good way to save money and can change the face of a room quite completely.

Pay special attention to the kitchen. This is the nerve centre of a household and one that needs to be given special attention to. Hardy and easy to clean floors and surface areas, splatter-proof tiles, enough hooks for pots and pans and maximum storage space. See if you can integrate all your appliances in one shelf. It is handy that way.

Another place that needs to stand the test of time is the bathroom. You can never have enough bathrooms per house. If you have the budget and the place, think about adding another loo. If not, make the existing bathroom more user-friendly. Anti-skid surfaces, re-grouting the floor, shelving solutions for supplies and extras, a sense of light and air are all vital in the bathroom.

Dothis for every room before you start. Put your things in storage-rent self storage San Jose– for the duration of the project so you can work tension-free.


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