As we all know, termites are silent destroyers as they can ruin the structure of a house without getting noticed by the homeowner. Having this pest around can be a pain in the head as they will chew and eat wood non-stop until nothing is left.

But, the problem can also be coming from homeowners who do things that attract termites. Those pests will keep coming back for more or worse; they might not leave the property at all. Termites are some of the damaging pests that every homeowner can experience all year round.

To keep your home termite-free, know the things that attract them for you to know what to put away from now on. Let’s find out!

Wood piles

Termites are fond of wood as it is their source of food. They chew and eat wood non-stop and seeing piles of wood in your property will truly attract them. They will transfer to the wood where they will build their nest and will cause severe damages to your house especially if the piles are near your property. To keep those termites away, better stack those woods 20 feet away from the house and five feet above the ground.

Trees and leaves near the roof

The leaves and trees near your property can be a way for termites to migrate to your roof where they can build their mounds quickly. The branches of trees can become a bridge for termites. That’s why it is better to trim those trees to avoid pests from crawling inside.

Blocked gutters

The gutters can be enticing for termites especially the clogged ones. The extra moisture that those gutters have can soften the wood which makes it easier for termites to infiltrate your home. Keeping the gutters regularly clean will lessen the termites from pestering.

Dark places

If your home is filled with dark places, termites will surely come. They love to breed and eat in dark places as they feel secure. That’s why they create tunnels made of mud which are dark and serves as a protection for them from predators.

Mulches in your garden

If you are putting mulches in your garden to help the soil and trees receive nutrition, this can be a cause of attracting termites. Placing the mulch near the foundation of your property is risky as those termites can climb up the property. Since mulches can retain moisture, these are great food sources for pests.

These five things present in your home are inviting to termites. If you want to keep a house that is free from termite, keep these five things in mind. Avoiding these things will help you get what you want – pest-free and cleaner home.

On the other hand, if you have avoided these things but still seeing termites crawling back and forth, then you need an exterminator. When it comes to Inexpensive pest control services in Lake Norman, Lake Norman termites Control is the one you need to call for your termites’ problems.


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