The world is surrounded by millennials with an attention span shorter than a monkey. Getting addicted to certain things and soon being bored of them is the new norm. However, there is this three-screen that we can’t get enough out off. We are addicted to these and they have become an integrated part of our lives. I am pretty sure you are one of them.


The large screen, the idiot box or the square screen packed with entertainment. Television screens are something we all are addicted to. Be it any brand, Sony TVs or MI TVs, be it a 32 inch or a 42 inch or the biggest screen ever. Every house has got members glued to these television sets. There is high, mid and low range television, with Smart and HD TV price in India starting from low to high. Hence, there is a television set for every type of person.


Yes, laptops being one of the highest sold electronic devices in India. Simply, for instance, Sony TVs would not have sales like Sony laptops do. Laptops have such reach, the reason being their nature- they are not too big neither too small. They fit perfectly into your work and play schedule. You can do as much work as you can and entertain yourself with the big enough screen both at the same time. So yes, even if you are watching the television you always have a laptop somewhere lying around near you.

Mobile Phone

Among all the other screens I believe mobile screens are the most common simply because it’s with everyone. With its low-cost range compared to a price of a laptop or HD TV Price in India and other countries, it’s very it sensible. Among many other functionalities, it is quite simply a mini television cum laptop in your hands. Hence, a mobile phone is one of the most addictive screens among all, you can not get enough of it.

Yes, there are various other screen be it your tablets or your personal computers but these three screens are top addictions among all the others. Until a new type of screen is introduced in the market which is much more accessible than a mobile phone when on the go, much more visually pleasing like a television when at home and much confined like a laptop when at work. All of us will be attached to these screens. Attached for a pretty long time because I believe there isn’t any replacement cumming anytime soon.

We should not forget that gazing upon a screen for longer than necessary has some very serious health issues. From the constant radiations to eye strains there are multiple ways these can affect one’s body once, it is important to switch your phone and television, keep your laptops aside and take a break once in a while. As a matter of fact, a break not only from these screens but other screens or other electronic appliances as well. Limited exposure to electronic devices can help you have a better and longer life.


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