Have you recently been transferred to a sober living house but need help in understanding why your life got to this point? This article will explain further.


Many people who turn to drugs or alcohol can break the habit easily, but there are still others out there who become very addicted.  When you become heavily dependent on something, you suddenly start turning on the world and the help needed.  If you’re not careful friendships and relationships become tricky, and you start shutting people out as a coping mechanism.  If you are a parent, you could potentially begin to have an awful time in your own home, and the only thing that comforts you is the bad habit.  The cycle continues until the outside world comes along to help.


You may hear the term half-way house and wonder what it means.  It’s a facility where if you want to change the substance abuse habits, you can go to reform.  Many clients who attend need to be proactive about their lifestyle and must follow various rules and agreements before they can be released back into the community.

There will be many things which will encourage you to keep on the road to recovery; these things include setting reachable targets, the staff of which will be able to monitor progress and offer advice should you need it.  One thing which helps the recovery process is being consistent.  If you are suddenly sporadic after a period of being calm, cool and collected this may cause concern and you might even be offered a drugs test to try and figure out why the sudden change of attitude happened.

Some sober living houses have what’s called a recovery professional.  This person will be like a mentor to you, to keep your progress and aims on track.


No, it’s never too late.  Some of the houses may require things like interviews, others may be a simple case of a doctor’s referral, but it’s never too late to want to change.

People think that once they are hooked on an addiction, that there can be no help as they’re too far gone.  This is not true at all.  The first step is acknowledging there is a problem and wanting all the help possible.  Other people may want help but out of fear and rejection they choose to hide and continue the bad habits.  These people may need an extra push or intervention into doing the right thing.

Intervening can be a dangerous idea at first but if you love someone, and you know they need serious help you should think of the bigger picture and help as much as possible.  Sober living houses provide a little community within, they also want to support you and point your focuses on the right things in life.  It may be hard initially but when you’re in the swing of things you’ll wish you did it sooner.


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