Yogurt makers are used to making home-made yogurt which not only taste sweeter but are even healthier. Yogurt makers are expensive yet the cost of your health is more than that of the equipment. Working on the principle of incubating time, it requires proper care and handling to enhance the functioning of the yogurt maker. Maintenance becomes a challenge for the product due to the sophistication involved. Let us look at few ways to use, care and clean yogurt maker:

·        Daily cleaning of the jars: The yogurt maker has 7-10 jars present which need to be cleaned daily. Both the inside and the outside of the jar need to be cleaned to prevent the growth of bacteria and pungent smell. You can use clear water and dishwashing solutions to clean the jars.

·        Keep water away: The yogurt-maker is an electrical appliance and water should not be used in cleaning it. It should be cleaned using a light brush so that it doesn’t come close to water, else the equipment will get damaged.

·        Avoid using hot milk in the jar: After you boil the milk let it cool down for some time. If you don’t the milk cool down and put it in the glass jar, chances that the jar can crack are very high. The heat of the milk needs to be cooled down and controlled, thus preventing the jars from any damage.

·        No use-no plugging: When the electric yogurt maker is not in use, make use to unplug it. The flow of electric current fluctuations can lead to complete damage of the product, thus wasting your hard-earned money. Don’t just switch it off, unplug it!

·        Make good use of the reminder:  The yogurt takes 8 to 10 hours to be completely fermented. The fermentation of the yogurt in the maker should be set a timer so that you don’t forget to take out the yogurt from the maker after the process is done. Give a timer for the alarm to set off and switch off and unplug the yogurt maker after the yogurt is fully prepared.

·        First-time usage guide: Remember to unpack the entire set, including the jars. Wash all the accessories before setting up the first batch of yogurt. Rinse the jars completely and let them dry till not even a single drop of water is left on the jar.

·        Not on top of vibrations: It is strictly prohibited to keep the yogurt makers on top of the vibrating surfaces like refrigerator since it can loosen the tight fittings inside the appliance and making it lose efficiency faster.

Make sure all the guides are followed and being adhered to, not only for the durability of the product but also for your safety. You can write to us if you would like us to add a few more pointers on this topic.


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