The Super White Dolomite Sydney, also known as the dolomite rock or dolostone is a sedimentary rock, which comprises of the dolomite mineral, which is found in the sedimentary basins across the world. Like most other natural stones dolomite is porous and requires sealing to prevent stains. These Super White Dolomite Sydney, are often hyped as a marble stone which functions like granite. But, Dolomite stone benchtops are a little harder than regular marble stone, but agile than granite. So they are prone to scratch. Yet, dolomites keep up to etching and acids. Though it performs better than regular marble, it is likely to get scratch and etch, so be aware of how to maintain the Super White Dolomite Stones.

  • Seal the Dolomite Countertops – After installing the dolomite countertops, deploy a good quality countertop sealer to safeguard the natural stone from getting stained or etched. It is best to seal the countertops two times in the start. Meaning, do this immediately after installing the dolomite stone and after 6 months. After that ensure to keep up to the manufacturer’s recommendation and follow the maintenance program regularly, as the sealants wear out overtime. If you skip this step, your Dolomite stone benchtops become more vulnerable and you will be compromising on the reduced longevity of your countertops. To get the best results, use a spray sealant twice a year to sustain your countertops.
  • Clean Regularly – It is important to clean regularly to uphold your precious dolomite countertops. This will keep the stone attractive.  If you find a stain on the super white dolomite stone, wipe it off as soon as you see it. You can even clear off a coffee stain or wine stain that either sat overnight or had been sitting there for a week, it could just come out easily. So, regularly dust and mop the countertop to keep it in its best shape.
  • Use Natural Cleaners – Avoid using abrasive cleaning supplies with harsh chemical contents to clean the countertops made from dolomite. They cannot withstand corrosive ingredients. It is wise to use natural cleaner to wipe down any stains on the dolomite countertops. These harsh cleaning products will bring about unnecessary damage to the dolomite slab, which will be evident to anyone who looks at it.
  • Avoid Using Sharp Objects – When you find any spills on the countertop, avoid using any sharp objects like scissors, blade or knives to remove it. This is because, it can easily scratch and dampen the surface.
  • Get Rid Of Holes – There are many chances of small holes appearing on the surface of the countertop overtime. It is not necessary that you must be a professional to carry out at home. There are many kits available online that comes up with acrylic and light to heal it.

Maintaining your countertop is fairly easy. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, the super white dolomite is now available at affordable rates! Invest in a high-quality dolomite slab sold by a reputed natural stone dealer in Sydney.


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