If you suddenly get the sudden urge to upgrade your home style to match your own chic style but don’t have a budget of a million dollars then this list of ideas is for you. You don’t need deep pockets to improve your home’s decor. Smart, simple decoration ideas can change the whole look of your home. 

Be Bold with Brave 

Black will never go out of style and so using soft black hues will make your living spaces feel incredibly stylish and intimate. Using soft textiles with such soft black colour will help in adding to this stylish look. You can also add to this look by using striking accent pieces and pieces of furniture. 

Try to go for more elegant colours for your accent pieces and pieces of furniture. This will make your home feel actually lived in and homely instead of a set decoration. 

Sheepskin to add Substance 

A really simple method to elevate any space in your home with minimal effort is by adding some sheepskin textured textiles. It can be throws or even blankets, anything that matches the vibe of the room would take care of the job. Not only do sheepskin look incredibly sophisticated and elegant, but they’re astoundingly comfortable and warm as well. Doesn’t hurt that sheepskin is affordable as well! 

Cover your bed with a Canopy 

Use a simple gauze fabric, to install a draping see-through canopy over your bed. It will instantly add elegance and mystique to your sleeping quarters. It will work just as well in a minimalist bedroom as an opulent one. You also have a wide change of colours to choose from. You can go for a contrasting colour in a minimalistic style or a complimentary colour in a more elegant or opulent style. No matter what you choose, it will definitely elevate your bedroom’s style factor. 

 Be Seasonal with Your Styles

A quick way to always have a chic vibe through your home is by using seasonally styled accents. We all know wool, plaid and tartan work wonders in winters but changing them up for florals, pastels and linen in spring means that your house will always be styled appropriately. Even though you are only switching up accent pieces, it will still make a massive difference. And isn’t being always in season such an important part of being chic anyway? 

Parting Words 

Feeling that your home decor is stylish and chic is an empowering feeling. Not only will you feel confident in your choices, but you’ll also feel satisfied with its elegant and stylish looks. Simple changes and selection of  contemporary art from Canvas Art Direct can make a big difference and understated simplicity is what makes this style statement so elegant after all. 


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