If you are a new homeowner or renovating your home, selecting the correct internal door is a crucial part of the process.  So, if you are confused by the variety of internal doors available in the market, then you have stumbled upon the right place.

A lot of homeowners end up selecting improperly sized doors, a wrong direction in which it opens, coupled with positioning mistakes which leaves them with space issues later on. In this article, we will discuss what a homeowner should look for when they are investing in internal doors.

1.Calculate your budget

Before you go ahead and select a door for your house, calculate your budget depending upon three important factors mentioned below:

  • Type of material
  • Type of construction quality
  • A doorset or a single door

If you have a low budget you will have to set aside about £50-£200 for each door. If you are going for custom handles, hinges and latches, put in additional £30-£40 per door.

If you are looking forward to getting a doorset for your home, you will need to have a higher budget as they don’t come cheap. Doorset prices are between £90-£300, while the best one’s price over £1,200.

When you are calculating your budget, don’t compromise on quality, as you don’t want to go looking out for a new door just after purchasing one.

2.Select between solid or hollow timber

The way a door is constructed affects its price factor. A hollow door, as the name suggests has space within its core, is light weighted, weak and cheaper than its alternative. An expensive door will have a robust construction, solid core and a prefinished timber veneer.

The door that has an engineered timber core would be a more suitable choice if you want your doors to last long. These doors are less likely to bend and twist than the ones made of standard wood as they withstand changing weather conditions better.  Not only does a solid door helps keep sounds at bay, but also provides thermal insulation with insulative properties of its core.

3.Selecting a style

A lot of homeowners invest more money in the doors installed on the ground floor and reduce the budget for doors installed upstairs. The common ideology behind this fact is that most guests don’t go wandering upstairs. Homeowners concentrate more on creating an awesome ambience by matching doors to an amazing ceiling and flooring so that guests are left awestruck as they enter the house.

To raise the ambience of your home, you not only need art pieces, vintage furniture and a  designer radiator, but also a fantastic style for all the doors installed at your home. There are a variety of options available such as the glazed inserts ones that allow light to flow freely in your home, various shades of colours, different timbers, cross-directional grains. Also, keep in mind the direction in which the door will open.

Nowadays, pocket doors are all the rage as not only they have a stylish look, but they also help save space. These are just what you need, if you own a small house. If you are looking forward to going with a trendy look, you can take a look at frameless doors. Keep in mind that these don’t come cheap as they are made with a shadow gap and an invisible frame. If you are someone who wants their door to be the very fabric of their home, then frameless doors are the ones you should opt for.

4.The right time to buy

To make sure your doors have a real impact on your home building project, you will have to consider them in two phases. You need to incorporate your selection into any ideas, such as loft conversion ideas or an annex.

First, when the architectural plans are in their early stage and are being drawn up. This is the time you will have to discuss your needs with your interior designer about the size and configuration. For example, if you are planning to get pocket doors for your home, they will need a cassette built into the wall for them to slide in and thus have to be known before the wall is constructed.

Second, when you have a change of heart. With time, your might  get some different ideas and you have to scrap your old plan if you find a new and better option.

Many homeowners make mistakes by choosing the wrong door, not considering the way it opens, the lack of space for door opening amongst other features. Bear in mind that entering or leaving a room with a proper door can make a valuable impact on the person living in the house or a guests who visit you.

So, take more time before you finalise on a choice that you feel is right. We hope this article helps you select the right internal door.


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