Having registered phenomenal growth over the years, Gurgaon has established itself among the most rapidly developing cities in the country. Popular as the “Millennium City”, Gurgaon is home to the local offices of numerous Fortune 500 companies. A leading industrial and financial hub, Gurgaon has per capita income that ranks as the third highest in the nation.

It is hence no surprise that the city has actively acquired the attention of various real estate developers in India. A satellite city to Delhi, the national capital, there is a certain assurance of high returns on investments made in Commercial office space in Gurgaon. Aspects that have made this possible include –

Good prospects for employment across various sectors

With numerous companies in sectors including IT, finance, banking, retail, automobile, software, and real estate based in Gurgaon, the city holds ample prospects for employment and for people with different skill sets too.

Besides this, constant additions are also being made to these existing job opportunities, placing the city at the centre of focus of the young generation looking for interesting career prospects. Availability of commercial office spaces in Gurgaon at reasonable rates has also been drawing new corporate companies to come and set their bases here, as existing firms continue to expand their own.

Connectivity and infrastructure

Presence of improved connectivity and advanced infrastructure within the city has also proved to be reason enough for the success of real estate investments here. Besides boasting of accessibility to neighbouring cities such as Noida, Delhi, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad via road, Gurgaon also has its own dedicated metro lines, which are being developed further. The city’s connectivity to Delhi has been a big reason behind its popularity.

From popular institutions for education and healthcare to entertainment hubs and hangout spots for the crowd, the city has everything. There also are ample options of holiday retreats in and around the city, which offer the perfect respite from the daily hustle and bustle of life.

Rising demand in the residential sector

In hopes of gaining a better lifestyle while staying close to their workplace, young professionals are actively considering making Gurgaon their place of residence. Swift establishment of corporate offices and industrial firms in the city have naturally paved way for residential colonies and housing schemes.

The best thing in this respect is that the demands are not only for affordable housing, but for premium residential properties too. Sushant Lok and Golf Course Extension are a few regions in the city that are witnessing similar demands. Constant demands in the residential sector serve as an assurance of good returns on real estate investments in the city.

Safe and secure surroundings

Despite the popular belief, Gurgaon is a fairly safe and secure place for residence or work. Most of the well-established residential properties as well as commercial complexes promise of advanced security measures. These arrangements include everything from CCTV cameras, fire alarms, and automated entry and exit solutions to professional guards.

It is the sense of safety that helps gain people’s trust and gets them to prefer Gurgaon for both work and residence.

The fact is that there is growth in Commercial office space in Gurgaon as well as residential sector. This is one of the best aspects about investments here. Real estate investors get to witness action even at micro levels of real estate. The pockets for affordable property prices and good returns on investments across the city are many.

It is owing to the above-mentioned reasons and sometimes ancestral connections that Gurgaon has gained investments from non-residential Indians too.


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