Architecture has a major role to play in every society, as it essentially defines the physical environment in which people live or work in. Architecture has a profound effect on how people of a society live, and is an aspect that provides a brief reflection of the civilization at any given point of time.  In fact, ancient civilizations are quite often identified by their diverse surviving architectural endeavors and accomplishments.

Emile Haddad Seattletalks about the various popular local architecture styles

Similar to most of the other well-known cities across the globe, the architecture prevalent in Seattle has also evolved quite a bit over the decades. This is the largest city present in the much prominent state of Washington, and the architecture style of houses present here has been influenced by numerous trends that have been in fashion over the years. Emile Haddad Seattle underlines some of the most prominent architecture styles for houses witnessed here over the decades:

  • The 1950’s gave rise to the distinct mid-century houses. These buildings typically had vaulted ceilings and walls of windows, which gave them a distinct elegant appearance.  The unique angular design, carports, as well as indoor-outdoor spaces of these houses gave a certain vintage appeal.   Many of the midcentury houses of Seattle were characterized by floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as shallow slopes on the roofline.
  • As per Emile Haddad Seattle, in the 1960’s the homogeneity of styles in case of Seattle houses broke down a bit. This decade featured diverse kinds of architecture styles.  Most of the builders of this age went for a simple look, with nearly flat roofs and little or no ornamentation. Usage of multi-function spaces, simplicity of style and clean lines were given great importance in this decade.
  • The 1970’s were majorly dominated by split entry homes. These houses typically featured separate living spaces, well as room to spread out for people having guests or children.  The entry door of these homes typically used to be halfway between the second floor and the first floor. Most of the houses also had a landing inside the entry door, as well as half-floor stairway up and down to each of the floors.
  • With the advent of 1980’s, the builders gradually become for minimalistic with their approach towards architecture.  They typically focused on building houses that were simple, functional, and economical. The designing of these houses was largely focused on using the space available in the most effective and efficient manner, including all of the square footage of the house.
  • As per Emile Haddad Seattle, subsequent to the year of 2000, majority of houses of the vicinity gradually began to incorporate diverse types of high-end techniques in their architectural style. While many of the residential units present here have retained the ambiance of traditional houses, they ideally have been designed to complement various modern amenities and usually have more square footage as well.

This was a brief insight on how the houses of Seattle evolved over the decades.


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