It’s that time of the year when you can finally start planting in your garden. You may want your garden to become simple, tasteful and modern without driving apart your neighbors and other gardeners. Here are the do’s and don’ts on garden design in Sydney and when planting your vegetable garden.

Clean Up

Your tree is dropping its leaves or fruits into your neighbor’s yard. Don’t turn a blind eye and leave it all behind. Instead, clean it up for them as this will induce a sense of community among neighbors. In case you have a pile of compost, keep it away from your neighbor’s sight as this could be unsightly and stinky to them.

Become a Good Neighbor

This is the simplest rule for modern farmers.  Before planting a rosebush near the kid’s play area of your neighbor, talk to them regarding your plans.

Think Aesthetically

The aesthetic look of your garden must also be considered. Colors like green, white, light blue and yellow look cooker and nicer. Those vibrant colors like orange, red, pink, blue and bright green are not as chic. Avoid symmetrical looks as they are too generic.

Use Local Plants

Plants that you can see and buy nearby are must haves instead of those expensive, imported plants. Some plants don’t thrive in your area. Growing plants that are locally seen in your area means that you won’t have to do a lot of work in the long run.


Don’t Throw Shade

Give your neighbors a chance to have their own gardens. Avoid planting huge trees or looming fences. Being competitive is good but not when planting. Before considering planting huge trees, talk to your neighbors to avoid getting things really ugly. You don’t want your neighbor to murder your tree by putting a weed killer into it.

Don’t Plant Annoying Plants

They might be thorny or invade your neighbor’s yard, these kinds of plants are really annoying. Conifer trees, for instance, are huge and thorny. They keep you from growing anything underneath it. Bamboo trees are lovely but are known as invaders of your neighbor’s yard. Meanwhile, plants like pampas grass, yucca, and cordylines look tacky and outdated.

Don’t Become a Noise Polluter

Avoid using a gas-powered hedge trimmer early in the morning. Noisy neighbors are really annoying especially in the part where they don’t know that they are already bothering you. If you are thinking of throwing a garden party, have a quick chat with your neighbors first.

Don’t Accessorize Overly

Overly using bright colors in your garden is a big NO. Avoid using a lot of garden ornaments as it distracts the natural beauty of your landscape. Once your landscape gets completed, trust that it has already the best and the most appropriate ornaments on it. If you think you want to add something, ask yourself first on why you are putting it and if it would fit the overall design and context of your garden design in Sydney. Remember that one whimsical statement could create a huge impact on your overall design.


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