When you have a big empty wall, then the first thought which comes in your mind is a gallery wall or a photo frame. There is nothing wrong with this, but these are some old techniques that are used by everyone. Why don’t you try something new to decorate your home? Here in this blog, you will be aware of the other techniques you can choose to decorate your room. Most of the people are searching for ideas which are budget-friendly so that they can afford them. If you are one then here you will get such ideas which you can easily afford.

Few ideas to decorate your empty wall

1. A bunch of colourful baskets:  

You can hang a bunch of colourful cluster baskets on your living room wall. You can purchase the decorated baskets of different colours and different sizes. It looks really attractive and unique. Purchase some  decorated wall tapestries and play with them on your walls. It looks like your creativity and your taste. You can place them on the floor to check the possible arrangements. Try this with the plain wall to get better results.

2. Hang your hats: 

It sounds weird, but you should try this once., In this way, you can save space. It looks cool. Now you don’t need to hide your hats in the backside of your door and your cupboard. Hang them on your walls with the help of hooks. You can follow some sample pictures from google for ideas.

3. Hang the canvas paints: 

If you love to play with paints and colours or if you want to decorate your home with large paintings, then this will be the best option for you. You can try the canvas art on your walls. There are different types of canvas arts which comes with different size and shapes. It would be best if you bought a canvas which can fit with your wall size and also goes right with the texture of your

4. Layer Giant letters: 

This is also a unique idea in which you can try to decorate your empty walls. It will be better if you purchase the two pairs of letters. A pair of oversized letter create a vintage look. You can put them anywhere on the wall of your home. You can put those letters by overlapping one with each other for better results.

Other than this, you can try many different ideas such as dip painted wall sculpture, add oomph with framed paper, etc. If you are looking to shift a new home, then you can adopt many ideas of metal art home décor from this. Visit an online store and purchase some amazing wall hanging painting to design a new look for your home.


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