Most of us think of ceilings as a necessity, as new homes often come with the standard crisp, smooth, white finish. But, for those who like to think outside of the box, the ceiling can be so much more than a structure that keeps the rain out.

We have looked around the world for ceiling design inspiration and were amazed by what we found. As these creative designers have transformed what we see above into works of art, it may make you rethink this often underutilised space:

The Futuristic Ceiling

Curved lines create a different feel, and this ceiling from London is truly unique. With a 360 degree view of the city, this futuristic room is built for entertaining.

Strategically placed lights and shades of blue bring the night in, and complement the modern finish:

The Clockwork Ceiling

In Thailand, the Villa De Bear Restaurant is a favourite amongst tourists and Instagrammers.

The views above are the best in the house, with the ceiling resembling the inner workings of a clock. It has a rustic feel to it and there is an emphasis on natural textures:

The Waterfront Ceiling

When you are looking directly onto the water, it makes sense that the interior should reflect the views. Found in South Korea, this room has big windows and a ceiling like nothing we have ever seen before.

It has a nautical influence, and brings the outside in with its boat-like finish:

The Floating Ceiling

Shopping in store is about the experience, and when you visit this fashion boutique in Chongqing, China it could be the ceiling and not the clothes that you notice first. Designed by Francesco Gatti, this construction is made from 10,000 suspended, fibreglass panels.

This glamorous white design reminds us of glaciers, with sofas and clothing hidden amongst the layers:

The Angelic Ceiling

Look up to see 135 angels watching you at the Debre Berhan Selassie Church in Ethiopia. This 17th century artwork is rich in culture and each face is different.

Traditionally churches have focused on ceiling design, and many current artists find their inspiration in these holy buildings.

The Wooden Ceiling

A rustic wood cabin needs a suitable ceiling, and this retreat in San Francisco has a natural feel. Surrounded by a beautiful forest, you will feel at one with nature no matter where you look.

You can replicate this at home with a few exposed wooden beams, creating visual interest and texture on an otherwise plain ceiling.

Design Inspiration

We hope you have enjoyed this list of amazing ceilings from around the world. While some of these ideas might not be practical in your home, you can use elements from the styles you love.

There are subtle ways you can enhance your own ceilings including rosework, cornices, and ornate ceilings. WA Ceiling Fixers specialise in the restoration and creation of these delicate artworks.


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