If you are planning to put some of the belongings in the storage unit, you must be prepared the space first before you load your objects in the storage. It will help the process to become smoother and hassle-free. Even proper management can also help you to keep the items safe and secured. You can also find your items in a short time from the storage unit if you perfectly manage and prepare them before storing.

Here are 5 steps that you can follow to prepare your belongings before storage-

  1. Estimate How Much You Need The Space
  2. Make A Label Or Inventory Box
  3. Organize The Items By Weight And Accessibility
  4. Clean The Items Wrap Them And Protect
  5. Safeguard The Items Against The Harsh Temperature

Now, keep on reading to know about these tips in brief-

Estimate How Much Space You Need

Before you choose the storage unit, make an idea about the measurement of the belongings that you want to store in the storage unit. As per the service providers offering storage units in Austin recommends that if the items are packed in the right manner, they can be stored in smaller areas. Choosing the larger storage unit more than what you require can waste your money, as the larger spaces require more money for renting.

Make Use of Inventory And Label Boxes

Take some time out to create an inventory of the items that you want to take in the storage. Make a list first that contains all the items that you will head towards the storage unit. If you want to become much more organized, you can mark on the boxes where you have placed the items. You can also make a photo inventory so that you can identify the items by seeing the images. Labelling is important, as they are helpful to find out the items you need to pack.

Organize The Items Depending Upon The Weight And Accessibility

You can make some layout planning before you start to move in. Pack the storage unit in such a manner that the heavier items must be kept on the bottom and the lighter items should be kept on top. The seasonal items like the sports equipment and winter clothes should be kept in front of the storage unit space so that you can easily access it from wherever you want.

Clean, Wrap And Protect The Items

You want to store your furniture or other valuable items in such a manner that they stay protected from damage. If your furniture can be disassembled, it will be easier for you to move and store them in the storage unit. You should warp the glass items carefully so that they do not break when they are kept in the storage unit. You can use hard plastic or padded covering, to wrap your fragile items carefully.

Safeguard Against the Harsh Weather Conditions

Whether you choose an outdoor storage unit or the indoor storage unit, you should think about how you could protect the items from the harsh weather conditions. If you are keeping some sensitive items, you must consider the storage unit that is temperature controlled.

Apart from these, you should know whether the storage unit has insurance for your items or not. You must choose the unit that has all the major security facilities.


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