In the past year 2018, the tonality of interiors shifted from light and bright colours to either deeper tones or bolder colours. The current year of 2019 might see the same bold theme to be persistent. In line with that statement, here are five fabulous home design trends that can seriously amp up the experience of your home decor.

Furniture might undergo a moody colour scheme this year with jewel-toned themes being prevalent in the design theory. Following in on the luxurious and rather temperamental colour trend, furnishings will make their foray into the colour wheel and might be available in tones of royal violets, rich emeralds and glorious teals. These lively and exuberant tones when juxtaposed with leather and natural woods will just impart an aura to your decor that will spell comfort and warmth in every language.

What’s colour without an engaging pattern? Just a number on the palette. Encaustic tiles, that feature rich abstract patterns and imbue the environment with a sense of artistic freedom. They can serve to embolden a rather dull room or can play nice with an equally bold space. Ranging from vivid backsplashes in full colour to dual tone or monotone floor tiles, The capability of these patterned tiles to tell a beautiful story goes beyond anything that can be prosaic or poetic. The choice really falls to you on whether you want to liven up the space with an abstract flooring or keep the message subtle in a room where everything else craves attention.

Wallpapers are the quintessential element in breathing life into a room or a hallway. While you could always paint the area grey or black, the fun factor is lost there. A space with some intricate or bold floral patterned wallpaper gives you the canvas to play with the decor of your home. Hang a painting or two, use an accent table to highlight an heirloom and add some light fixtures to give them the spotlight they deserve. A big bold wallpaper in the background will heighten the beauty of anything that stands in contrast to it. Additionally, while you are at it, why not have some lively colourful wallpapers in botanical themes that bring the notch up for cheerful and bold design? Small spaces? Careful trim moulding is sure to get the message across using such thought-provoking colours and patterns in enclosed areas.

From nature to art to nature they shall return. The importance of natural materials cannot be underplayed in the design trends this year. Leather and linen are the elements that speak to people in a way that heavily processed fabric does not. Performance fabric can be used for the kid and pet-friendly sofas, but at the same time, linen and leather can be used in a great way by means of ottomans, window treatments and accessories. To add to this, like crème de la crème, natural wood, stone tables and earthy furniture can bring in a sense of variety that speaks for itself. If you don’t get enough time to get with nature, why not get nature to be with you?

Asymmetry is the most beautiful aspect of trees. Had they been as boxy and straight as conventional furniture, maybe the foliage couldn’t have helped much. Curved furniture taking on the asymmetrical aspect of trees, ringing a chime with a style inspired from the ’70s came into vogue in 2018 and looks like it is staying. People have liked the trend in 2018 and have grown fond of it. Such furniture imparts a sense of growth and life that conventional furniture lack.

Wondering how you can make your home as trendy as the descriptions above? Professionals such as, specialise in making your dream home come true. Even if you have an existing house, these mere pointers are just the start of what they can do for you to make your house decor pop and resonate with contemporary design trends.


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