If you are relocating to Australia and have the luxury of choosing where to live, there are many great cities in this huge country, not to mention the different climates. The desert, tropical rainforests and spectacular mountain ranges are all on the menu, and with natural beauty that is second to none and lots of sunshine, you are literally spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a region. Here are some of the most popular regions of Australia that have a lot to offer every lifestyle. 

  1. The Gold Coast – Stunning beaches and the Great Barrier Reef make this sun city and surrounding areas a prime home location. If you have chosen this sunny coastal resort, there are affordable removalists in the Gold Coast such as Vic Palmer Removals, who can handle the stress and strains leaving you to enjoy the experience. Queensland has much to offer, and with access to some of the best beaches in the world, who wouldn’t want to live in such a place! The agreeable climate is a major draw, especially for those who dislike the cold, with no real winter, and whether you are beach fanatic of a tropical rainforest lover, Gold Coast and Queensland have it all.

  1. Western Australia – Perth is the jewel of this state, with rich and fertile valleys and rivers that are stunning. Perth is a fastmoving city and is the base for many IT and media companies, so the prospects of finding work are good, and land prices are steadily rising, which means now is a good time to make a move. The fourth most populous city in Australia, Perth is located on the Swan Plain, where the land is very fertile and ideal for grapes. Some of the best wine in Australia comes from Swan Valley wineries, and if you are a nature lover, there is much to see in WA. Natural parks and great hiking trails are evident, and this is where many Australian families holiday for these very reasons.
  1. Sydney – New South Wales State capital, Sydney has an awful lot going for it, and is the financial hub of the country. Adjacent to the stunning Blue Mountains, Sydney has a temperate climate and probably the best facilities in the country. If you are a city person, you will appreciate the CBD and the many shopping malls, and then there’s the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and the acclaimed Sydney Opera House. Beaches are good and the city is well-ranked in quality of living surveys, and for most people, work keeps them living in New South Wales.

  2. Melbourne – The capital city of Victoria, Melbourne has a charm of its own and is the cultural centre of Australia, with a very diverse population. It isn’t the second most populous city in Australia for no reason, and in many ways, Melbourne has it all, with something to please everyone. The home of most sporting organisations, this cosmopolitan city is an attractive proposition to anyone who is looking to move to Australia, which is why it is so popular.

All of the above are very attractive when looking for living space, and as Australia is so vast, there’s something to suit everyone.


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